Happy 40th Anniversary, HPB!

CHEERS and Happy 40th Anniversary year, Half Price Books! (and Happy New Year, Booklovers!)

In 1972, a small dream was realized in a converted Dallas Laundromat. Born out of a love for reading and recycling, that one little used bookstore grew into the (soon to be) 115 new and used bookstores you and I know and love today. Can you believe it? Forty years of Half Price Books!

HPB’s endured a lot of change over the first forty. Truly, we’ve had to make the rules up as we go along to accommodate our shoppers’ needs and changes in the world. For 2012, Half Price Books’ New Year’s resolution is the same as it’s been since 1972: “Be fair to customers and employees, promote literacy, be kind to the environment and remain financially viable so we may continue…” and perhaps we can uphold this mission for at least 40 more!

We have a lot planned this year. Care to join in the celebration? We’ll still have great savings every day and we’ll continue to let you know when we have special events like our sales and awesome coupons. PLUS there will be some surprises along the way! We’ve promised to donate 1 Million Books this year; we’re continuing our committment to the environment by striving to recycle what we can’t sell, and we’ll even have a special 40th Anniversary Earth Day project in April.  Most of all—we have YOU! Without our customers, these past forty years would have meant nothing. Come in any day so we can thank you. Talk to us on our blog or Facebook or Twitter and let us know how we’re doing and how you would like to celebrate with us this year. Let’s just make this year one big party, eh?

How about we kick it off with a little contest? Want to win a special 40th Anniversary gift pack? In the comment box below, tell us the first store you ever visited and what year! Think you have visited the most? Let us know HOW MANY! We’ll pick one winner at random by 3pm CST Friday, January 6th. 

We can’t wait to see you in the stores soon! Thank YOU for your loyalty all this time!

— Becky

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered! Our randomly selected winner is Matt Rackar, who has visited nearly 80 stores, but his very first was in 1995 in Houston, Texas! Matt, please email besocial@hpb.com with your contact information so we can give you details on your 40th anniversary prize pack! Be sure to check back on the blog often for our next giveaway.

224 thoughts on “Happy 40th Anniversary, HPB!

  1. My first experience was on Guadalupe in Austin near the UT campus, my first semester of grad school – spring 91 – 20 years ago. I found the 'nostalgia' section and have been hooked ever since because I love old books. Happy Anniversary HPB!

  2. My first experience was on Guadalupe in Austin near the UT campus, my first semester of grad school – spring 91 – 20 years ago. I found the 'nostalgia' section and have been hooked ever since because I love old books. Happy Anniversary HPB!

  3. I can't remember the 1st store I ever went to, but it was near Grapevine, TX in the 1990's. I've been to several in the Dallas area including the big one, but my favorite was McKinney TX where I went many times between 2005 and 2009. Every time I'm back in TX I look for one. Recently I was in San Antonio and found one there. I miss having a Half Price Book store in CO!

  4. the first time i visited a half priced book store was in 2010. i got a really good book that i've been look for months. and it was worth the money. and i've been there so many times i cant even count.

  5. I would not be able to honestly answer either question. I grew up going to Half-Price Books. I live in texas and there are about six stores within forty-five minutes of where I live so I wouldn't even be able to tell you which one was the first. Half-Price Books is just plain AWESOME!

  6. Oh dear goodness, feels like forever. But it must have been in Indiana at one of your Indianapolis stores, north side of town. This would have been when I was in grad school, so late 90s, probably 2000 or so. And we found it strictly by serendipity. Saw a store driving by, and being book lovers that we are, we had to stop by. This was a wonderful discovery. We have kept on going ever since as long as we had a store nearby. We live in Texas now, but sadly you guys do not have a store in Tyler, TX. However, we do make it a point to drive to DFW every couple of months or so for a trip to HPB. It is worth the drive, and given the dearth of good bookstores in Tyler, definitely worth the gas tank. We always find good things there. May you have 40 and more years ahead of you. Best.

  7. My first visit to Half Price Books was the Maplewood, Minnesota, location in 1992 or 1993. I walked in and wondered where a store like that had been all my life. I fell in love! Since then, I have been to HPB all over the Twin Cities locations, Ford Parkway, Apple Valley, and St. Louis Park! The only stores where I buy my books are the independent bookstore Magers and Quinn in Minneappolis, for new books, and Half Price Books. Nowhere else! Here's to another 40 years!

  8. First store I ever visited was in San Antonio, the location on broadway by brackenridge park, in 1994. I still frequent this location.

  9. The first store I visited was in Monroeville, PA and I honestly do not remember the year, but if I had to guess, I would say 2008?? LOVE HPB!! Thank you for 40 great years…looking forward to 40 more!

  10. Niles, IL about 2 yrs ago. They won't have any good records, I said. I went home with a bag of 20, including Miles Davis Kind Of Blue.

  11. West Des Moines IA store, summer, about 4 years ago. I never knew such a wonderful place existed. Now I go twice a week. Last night I picked up 6 different Call of Cthulhu RPG books I'd been looking for but was unwilling to pay outrageous ebay prices for. Best score I've ever made at HPB.

  12. The first HPB store I went to was my senior year of high school in Brookfield, WI. The location moved right across the street in 2010 and it's even better. When I went to college in Madison I frequented the HPB eastside location. I believe I've been to a total of four HPB, and my favorite remains the new store in Brookfield.

  13. First store I went to was probably one of the ones in the Fort Worth area – I'm not sure… It was last year – my then girlfriend took me – I was blown away – we went to two different stores 3 times in two days…. I imediately hunted down the Bloomingdale & Coutnryside stores where I lived and go way too much!

  14. I think it was 1991 at the old store on N.W. Highway In Dallas (across the street from the old Burlington building where you are now). Also been to the one in Mesquite and Lewisville.

  15. My first HPB store was the Lewisville sight. While I was living out of state for college, we would make an annual trip to HPB when the family was back in town. I have visited 4 or 5 locations around the metroplex. I do have to say that the flagship store is the best. I walked in and was in awe of the selection. Love this place!!!

  16. I've been hitting the Pittsburgh stores since 1999. I hit at least one a week but try to hit both Monroeville and McKnight Rd HPB weekly. Lot of jerks shop there but worth dealing with because the stores are awesome.

  17. The Richardson store on Campbell was the first used book store love of my life, which I discovered not long after moving to the Dallas area with my parents in 1989. I grew up with it, and was in there at least once a week through high school, and even worked in the short-lived cafe in the corner where the children's area now stands.These days, I divide my attention between the Campbell store and the Mothership. Both feel like home. Half Price is my extended library, and has been my go-to location for more Friday nights than I care to mention.Happy 40th.

  18. When I used to come to America (to visit my now wife) she would always take me to the local Half Price Books in Castleton, Indiana. I enjoyed it so much that when I finally moved to America (in 2004) I applied for a job there and GOT IT! Been there ever since.

  19. I've been to (at least) 34 but, it's kind of cheating since I've been an employee long enough that I remember asking for the day off for Star Wars Episode 1 and paying $5 or more for cassette tapes. Before I was hired, I thought that my first visit to Half Price Books was in Columbus. After I found out we were based out of Texas though, I remembered going to the (no longer with us) Killeen, TX store with my dad to sell his Conan comics back in '82. It was the good ol' Bookworm that jogged my memory. Happy 40th HPB and thanks for keeping me gainfully employed!

  20. My first store was the Broadway location in San Antonio, maybe 1997. I didn't know that other locations EXISTED until much later, even though I lived closer to the San Pedro location and actually passed it on my way downtown. Love the nooks and crannies at Broadway.

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