April’s New Releases on DVD & Blu-Ray

War Horse  (April 3 release)

The Narracott family is short on money and has to pay rent or be evicted. To make matters worse, Ted Narracott has just bought a thoroughbred horse instead of a sturdy plow horse for the farming season. Ted’s son Albert develops a bond with the horse and names him Joey. Desperately needing money, the family is forced to sell Joey to the British Calvary as WWI is about to break out. Once Albert is of age, he enlists and joins the forces to help fight the war, always thinking and keeping an eye out for Joey, wanting nothing more than to see him again. Does Albert get his wish?

Still unsure about watching it? Just consider its director Steven Spielberg and its nomination for Best Picture of the Year. War Horse does not offer brilliant performances by its cast and has a few “family movie clichés” in it, but it has beautiful cinematography, direction, and overall offers a wonderful story. You can’t go wrong sitting down to watch this one.
Iron Lady
  (April 10 release)

Denis Thatcher passed away, leaving Margaret all alone. As she packs away her late husband’s things, she reflects back on her life. Remembering back to the days when she first met Denis, how he supported her clear up through becoming the first female Prime Minister in Great Britain.
Meryl Streep won her third Academy Award this year for her performance in Iron Lady (although I personally thought Viola Davis or Michelle Williams deserved it more.) Iron Lady also won an Oscar for Best Make-Up – most definitely deserved. Meryl Streep appeared to be a mirror image of Margaret Thatcher. The film as a whole was a bit disappointing, but it is worth watching just for the performances.
A Trip to The Moon  (April 10 release)

Remember the movie Hugo last year? If you saw it, or saw a Smashing Pumpkins music video for “Tonight, Tonight,” then this movie may look familiar to you. A Trip to the Moon is a film by Georges Melies. The memorable shot of the rocket crash landing on the moon graces the cover of this re-mastered limited edition. At the time this film was considered to be one of the most technically innovative films out there. Of course, that was 1902, and we have come quite a ways in movie-making technology since then.

I am very interested to see what is done with the restoration with this film– both the black and white and hand colored versions. I’ll be getting a copy for sure, since I don’t yet own this film on DVD or Laserdisc.
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol  (April 17 release)

In a botched attempt to stop a terrorist with nuclear launch codes, a bomb has accidentally gone off, leaving the Kremlin in ruins with the IMF being implicated. The President of the United States has evoked Ghost Protocol, the disavowing of knowledge of any member of the IMF. Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, is forced to track and catch the terrorist to prove their innocence. Their adventure takes them to Dubai, where there are some great action sequences, one on top of a skyscraper and the other in a sandstorm.

Simon Pegg is back as Benji, and new to the team is recent Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner. If you liked the previous Mission Impossible movies, this Tom Cruise action film falls right in line. It will not disappoint.

Pop some popcorn and enjoy the feature presentation! — Jim

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