Framed Art in Honor of a Famed Chef

This American pioneer of French cooking taught us that anyone can cook, to savor each flavor and butter makes every dish sing. Today, we celebrate what would be Julia Child’s 100th birthday! In honor of her centennial celebration, we created three art prints of her witty words that capture her delicious “joie de vie” in the kitchen. Julia will always remind us to have fun in the kitchen, enjoy every bite and always to have a “Bon appétit!”

Have you ever baked any of her famous french recipes?

– Stephanie

One thought on “Framed Art in Honor of a Famed Chef

  1. My fav Julia saying (well, one of them anyway)…"Be good to your knives and your knives will be good to you!" Try saying it in Julia's voice.She was a hoot, but she was also dedicated to what she did so well, and was a throughly interesting and intriguing person outside the kitchen.Happy Birthday and a lovely glass of merlot to you, Julia!

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