Booksgiving Day: Giving the Gift of Reading with FREE Children’s Book and Storytime!

Kids, it’s time to gather ‘round for your favorite Half Price Books holiday. It’s our second annual celebration of BOOKSGIVING DAY!

Supporting literacy and providing books to families is key to our Half Price Books mission! Join us at your neighborhood Half Price Books location on Booksgiving Day, Saturday, Nov. 22 at 1 p.m. Every child who attends will receive a free book to take home and add to their library, or start a new one! *Limit one preselected book per child while supplies last.

If you aren’t a kid but want to participate, how about picking up a copy of your favorite kid’s book and sharing it with a special child in your life?

Let’s get a book to every child, in every home! BW, the Half Price Books Bookworm, and I will see you there!

The books donated on Booksgiving Day are part of Half Price Books Million Book Donation Project, which has donated more than 1.3 million books to non-profit organizations and schools in 2014.

Becky is Marketing Communications Manager at Half Price Books Corporate.

You can follow her on Twitter at @bexican75.

15 thoughts on “Booksgiving Day: Giving the Gift of Reading with FREE Children’s Book and Storytime!

  1. Will the books on Booksgiving Day be age appropriate? My kids are into chapter books now….ages 8 and 10 (2nd grader and 5th grader)?thx….cjwps….also we would like to donate some books as well.

  2. what is the age limit for the children? my youngest lives in ohio and wont be able to come but my 11yr old lives with me and she reads young adult. just trying to see which kinds of books will be available

  3. I'm an old lady that has enjoyed books my whole life. I grew up on "go look it up" and "the book says…". Reading is both enjoyable and vastly educational even in today's world. Other countries struggle to have a fraction of our literary wealth. Even poverty is softened by the possession of a book to read. Imagination and creativity florishes, the mind has to grow to move its borders. My husband use to tease me that I'd rather have a book than a loaf of bread, I can't say he'd be wrong even today!

  4. We are looking for our 3 year old grandson some Bigsby Interactive Storybooks at a reasonable price do you know where I can find any for him?

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