Celebrate Earth Day with Half Price Books

Happy Earth Day! The bibliomaniacs here at Half Price Books have been green since before it was cool. Helping the environment by preserving and recycling resources has always been a part of our daily business, and we feel that everyone can help preserve the environment.

We strive to be green when we are constructing our stores. Each new location is constructed with 100% recyclable flooring, handmade wood shelves (made in our very own HPB Woodshoppe!) and eco-friendly paints. We also offer post-consumer waste shopping bags and recyclable paper gift cards.

In 2014, we donated more than 1.6 million books to non-profits and schools, helping to enrich minds and keep books out of landfills. We continue to donate as part of our Million Book Donation Project – check out our 2015 progress!

Half Price Books continues to look for ways to b(eco)me green. Tell us the green things you do in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Celebrate Earth Day with Half Price Books

  1. Buying used books is a great way of having a green attitude. One of the main reasons I choose to buy used books is because I feel happy that those resources will not go to waste.Happy Earth Day!!!

  2. As an OPS teacher and sponsor of Green Team at my school – I am trying to work with your company to donate hard-cover books that you would normally discard to our art program – and push for you to recycle the books you normally discard. I have emailed your customer service, stopped by our local store, and made phone calls. I have yet to hear a reply. I am sure this will not make it to your post – but I am hoping it will start a dialogue.I am a loyal customer to your store, spending thousands of dollars over the years. Please respond to my requests.Carol Scottcarol.scott@ops.org402-699-2750

  3. I would like to read more about the HPB Woodshoppe and in particular the type(s) of wood and hardware used to construct the store shelving. How are the shelf heights selected and what different heights are used? I would imagine many customers would like to build similar shelving for their personal collection.

  4. I am a Supervisor at the Frisco Athletic Center and if you have any books to donate to us would be greatly appreciated by out kids and members. We are looking for books as early as books for infants. I would be happy to come and pick them up. You can either call me at 972-292-6615 or email me at jkirby@friscotexas.gov. Thank you,Janice Kirby

  5. I do everything I can to be green, from using the right lightbulbs to lettering my dishwasher air dry, to recycling more than I throw away each week, to buying and eating local, organic produce and other foods, to ensuring my cats remain indoors where they can watch the birds at the feeder without stalking them for dinner. I also give books and magazines to the library for sale or distribution, and buy what few books I want to have and share as used books (mostly from Half Price Books).

  6. i have seen employees dumping boxes of books in the bins outside.i don't know if it was trash or recycling.and i have not witness this often but once is upsetting enough.have you considering donating these books to homeless and domestic violence shelters as well as youth centers? thank you for taking the time to read and consider my comment.

  7. HPB doesn't throw recyclables away if at all possible. The company does everything they can to ensure something gets reused. If it can't be, it's recycled. HPB does donate, but sometime there are things that are simply too damaged to donate. No one wants a book that's been chewed on by the dog or had a glass of water spilled on it. Sick of all this HPB hate from people who don't understand how things work.

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