Comics: Doctor Strange! Power Girl! Donald Duck! And More!! (Rarest of Rare Collectibles)

Comic books have been a big part of American culture since the 1930s, especially following Superman’s opening splash in 1938. Those superheroes of yore are back on the scene in full force, thanks to the huge popularity of movies featuring Spider-Man, Batman, the X-Men and others. Half Price Books has always included comic books in its product mix, and our stores’ Comics sections always have devoted fans poring over the stock. The stores occasionally see extra-special comic books, and we’d like to feature a few of those here.

Four Color Comics #4: Walt Disney’s Donald Duck
Dell, 1940.



Our Greenwood, Indiana store recently got their most UNBELIEVABLE! comics buy ever. Truly the ULTIMATE! One of the gems they bought was Four Color Comics’ Issue #4, Walt Disney’s Donald Duck. The story is by Walt Disney, with art by Al Taliaferro. It’s in Good/Very Good condition, with tears on pages 1 and 12—but it’s a rarity in any condition! The price: $5,000.

The store also got a FANTASTIC! and SENSATIONAL! run of X-Men (#1-#7, except for #2), All Flash Quarterly #1 and other very INCREDIBLE!!! items. You wouldn’t believe it! Contact the Buy Guy for details!

Iron Fist, #2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Writer Chris Claremont & artist John Byrne
Marvel Comics, 1975-76.


Our Flagship store in Dallas, Texas offers this AMAZING! run of Iron Fist comics. “Iron Fist” was the superhero name of martial arts expert Daniel Rand. He was created by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gil Kane. Iron Fist was among artist John Byrne’s first works for Marvel, for whom he went on to draw X-Men and Fantastic Four. Netflix is planning a series that will feature Iron Fist.

You can get this ASTONISHING!! batch, issues two through six, all in Near Mint condition, for $85.

We always like to include books, too, because books are INCREDIBLE! Here’s one that collects a special comics series from the sixties.

Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange—Master of Magic (Strange Tales #110-111 & #114-141). Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
First Edition. Marvel Enterprises, 1992.

Dr Strange cover

This Near Fine copy features the colorful dust jacket over purple hardcover boards, with a gold foil-stamped cover design. $60.

This book is a volume in the Marvel series of the best of their early comics. It contains the earliest adventures of Doctor Strange and the first appearances of the villains Baron Mordo and siblings Dormammu and Umar the Unrelenting. Steve Ditko’s illustrations are imaginative and colorful. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in a movie version of Doctor Strange that will be released later this year.

Our Appleton, Wisconsin store offers this SUPER-SPECIAL! comics cornucopia.

And how about a couple of VIVACIOUS comic book heroes brought to 3-D in the form of collectible busts?

Power Girl porcelain bust
DC Direct Women of the Universe: Series 3
This 5.5-inch figure was designed by Amanda Conner and sculpted by Jack Mathews. It’s #469 of 5,000—still in the box. $75.

Firestar mini-bust
Marvel Universe/Bowen Designs
This 6-inch figure was sculpted by Mike Cusanelli and is #370 of 700, also still in the box. $100.

firestar and power girl

Both of these INCREDIBLE!! figurines are at the Flagship store in Dallas.

If you’d like more information about any of these SENSATIONAL!! comics treasures, contact the ORDINARY, UNASSUMING Buy Guy!



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