Celebrating Chicago: 10 Years and Still Going Strong

The year was 2005. Half Price Books opened its first Chicagoland store in November in Niles. It would be the first of many great HPBs to come to the area over the next decade.

I asked some of the Chicago HPB bibliomaniacs to share photos and memories from over the years. Let’s take a look!


HPB employees Bill and Vance look at the future layout of the Niles store.


Even “celebrities” shop at Half Price Books! Look, it’s Elvis in Algonquin.


Charlie Chaplin stopped by Algonquin for a visit, too!


Here’s the staff at the Algonquin ribbon cutting.

According to Inventory Manager Connie, there was a rather awkward, but comical moment later that day. HPB bibliomaniacs from across the market and even across the country often visit to help out at Great Openings. Connie and several of the local managers headed to lunch at a nearby restaurant and ran into a few HPB district managers with other out-of-town guests. One district manager jokingly asked who was left in charge of the store, but everyone quickly realized it was also a good question! After a few minutes, they did realize the Algonquin store managers were there and all was well.


Look at the temperature the first day we installed the shelves at the Schaumburg store. My goodness!


Luckily the Schaumburg staff didn’t freeze and were ready to greet hundreds of booklovers at their great opening.

Fast forward to today as we prepare to open our 10th store in Chicagoland in Downers Grove.


Look at all the pretty shelves!

The Downers Grove great opening kicks off Thursday, March 3 and runs through Sunday, March 6. Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Chicago: 10 Years and Still Going Strong

  1. Long live the book store! Despite all the more “convenient” avenues to purchase books nothing beats the atmosphere at half price books!

  2. Hello half price bookstore!
    Happy new year and congratulations on your 10th year in Chicago! I always love browsing and always seem to always buy some items whenever I go into the half price bookstore! My 1st part of my usual visit is the tape cassettes, then the CDs. Then I go to the back for the magazines. Then I check out the comedy, comics section. Then I go to the games section. And then I take 1 long scenic route in the store in case I miss anything or I need to get a gift for someone. By the way I have a friend who is a young lady who is a music major, I am so lucky in your store and ALWAYS find something for her! I usually find the music magazines for her! I have a friend who loves comic books…..boy did I hit the jackpot and found lots of his favorite comic book series…….$50.00 worth…..his eyes really lit up and a very huge smile and I received a big lovable hug from him!!! Thank you very much for having stores in the Chicago suburbs half price bookstore!!!! A very happy and lucky customer!!! P.s. My favorite and lucky store is your Bloomingdale store…..very helpful and patient staff!!! Thank you again!!!

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