Guinness Records for the Books

Books are amazing things — they can open your mind to new ideas and take you places beyond your imagination. But you know what else these multi-purpose tools can do? Help you set world records. To celebrate Guinness World Records Day and Guinness World Records 2017, we’ve put together a list of ways books have been used to make history.

Most Books Toppled in a Domino Fashion
At the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 14, 2015, Sinners Domino Entertainment of Germany broke the record for most books toppled in a domino fashion with 10,200 copies of Guinness World Records 2016. Watch it here:

Largest Overdue Fine
When Emily Canellos-Simms discovered a library book in her mother’s house 47 years after its due date, she returned it to the Kewanee Public Library in Illinois along with a check for overdue fees. At two cents a day, the poetry book Days and Deeds checked out in April 1955 had accumulated a $345.14 fine.


World’s Smallest Book
Two brothers from British Columbia, Canada created a book so small you need an electron microscope to read it. The 30-page story, Teeny Ted from Turnip Town, is etched on a microchip that fits on the width of a human hair. It was written by Malcolm Douglas Chaplin, while his brother Robert Chaplin did the etching. The book’s exact measurements are 70 micrometers by 100 micrometers. Printed with pure crystalline silicon, the reproduction costs an impressive $15,000. See how it was made.


Book Balancing
Ashrita Furman, who holds the most Guinness World Records, set three records for balancing a book on his head. On July 29, 2009 in Queens, New York, he nabbed the fastest time to travel one mile on foot with a book on the head, coming in at 8 minutes and 27 seconds. Three months later, on October 25, he set the record for most stairs climbed while balancing a book on the head when he ran up 122 stairs in the New York City subway. On January 29, 2011, Furman achieved the greatest distance while balancing a book on the head in Bali, Indonesia after walking 20 miles.

To learn about more impressive feats, pick up your copy of Guinness Book of World Records 2017 , or find it at your local HPB . It’s bursting with all new records, interesting facts and challenges you can try at home.

Happy Guinness World Record Day!

Angela is a copywriter at Half Price Books.


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