Feed Your Brain Mid-Summer Check-Up

It’s time for a mid-summer Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program check-up, kids! What have you been doing all summer? Because our Half Price Books kids and teens have been reading.

How much, you ask?

As of last the end of June, we’ve had 4,596 Feed Your Brain Summer Reading logs turned in across our stores. Now, the way we figure it, if each kid reads a minimum of 15 minutes per day, that’s  1,378,800 minutes of reading.

feed your brain reading logs

So kids, how does it feel to have read 22,980 hours with other Bookworms so far this summer?

Even though summer is way too short, all your reading combined stretches summer reading to 957.5 days of reading time.

Still not impressed? Our Feed Your Brain summer readers have read a collective 2.62 years and summer is only half-way through!

Shout out to all our Teen Readers on their #SummerBookBinge!

What about our teens who have jumped head first into the Penguin Teen #SummerBookBinge? Since June 1, teen readers have devoured 647 books. What are they saying about our Penguin Teen #SummerBookBinge titles? Let’s see:

The majority of teen readers are binging John Green, with 330 reviews for at least one of John Green’s books. Half of those readers have read and reviewed The Fault in Our Stars and most teens rate TFIOS with 3 stars or higher. (So, if you haven’t read it, it sounds like you might need to.)

The Fault in our Stars

“John Green does not disappoint. I would read this book again because I couldn’t put it down and I read it in less than 4 hours.” -Brandi G., 5 stars for TFIOS

Paper Towns

“Though not my favorite writing style, the idea behind Paper Towns was simply captivating. This book is a must read for all teens.” Shreyas R., 4 stars for Paper Towns

Lots of teens are also recommending Marie Lu’s,

The Young Elite

The Young Elites!“This book is beautifully dark. It is filled with heartbreak, betrayal, and a complexity not often found in books these days.” Justin H., 5 stars for The Young Elites

The rose and the dagger

Teen readers are highly recommending Renee Ahdieh’s The Rose & the Dagger as well.

“This book turned my ‘oh it’s an okay series’ into a binge-reading, tear-jerking, book-throwing trilogy. One of the only better [than the first] sequels.” Emily G., 5 stars for The Rose & the Dagger

Check out all the Penguin Teen #SummerBookBinge picks and grab a new one to eat up today!

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