NYE on TV: How our Favorite Shows Ring in the New Year

Well, folks, 2017 is finally about to draw to a close. As we prepare for what lies ahead in 2018, we first must celebrate New Year’s Eve. For some, it’s a time to kiss someone special at the stroke of midnight with blissful hope for the future. For others, it’s a time to turn in early and remind oneself that “well, there’s always next year.”

Regardless of how you’ll be ringing in 2018, take a moment with us to look back at some of our favorite New Year’s moments from TV, like we have done for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So let’s get started!


Friends: The One With the Routine (1999: Season 6, Episode 10)

No NYE celebration is complete without “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” In this classic Friends episode, Ross and Monica go all out to ensure that they’ll be featured on the big broadcast, bringing back…“the routine,” a dance they did in school.

Seinfeld: The Millenium (1997: Season 8, Episode 20)

This Seinfeld episode actually aired in May, but it’s still NYE-themed. Kramer and Newman start preparing to celebrate NYE 1999 and ring in the new Millennium. Except Newman makes one crucial mistake. Hello, Newman…if you’re going to have a Millennium Party, at least have it on the right year!

The Office: Ultimatum (2011: Season 7, Episode 12)

Resolutions are a funny, and very personal, thing. Some aim big, whereas others start small. Creed from The Office, for instance, just wants to do a cartwheel. Shout-out to Pam for trying her best to inspire the team, and to Darryl for resolving to read more! We’re into that, too.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Okay, so this is a movie, BUT this is the ultimate NYE moment if you ask me. Is it realistic? Of course not, but sometimes you just need a little classic Hollywood romance as the ball drops and time counts down. And really…if someone could explain Auld Lang Syne, the world will thank you. Leave a comment below.


On behalf of everyone at your local Half Price Books, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2018 that’s full of new and exciting stories, both printed and experienced.

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