Meet the Bibliomaniac: The HPB Woodshoppe

It’s simple; you can’t sell books without something to put them on. That’s where the Half Price Books Woodshoppe comes in. With a staff of 11 employees, our Woodshoppe provides shelves and materials for all 125 HPB stores.

Established in 1984, the Woodshoppe’s work goes beyond a bookshelf that holds your next read. Shelves, counters and chairs are just a small portion of what is handmade at our 50,000 sq. ft. work space in Dallas, Texas. The Woodshoppe strives to stay true to our company mission. Be kind to the environment.


  • Each builder at the Woodshoppe has a chance to add a personal touch to their work. Tables in the children’s area are customized with a house design of the builder’s choice.
  • The Woodshoppe builds fixtures used behind the scenes as well! The sorting and shipping areas are designed to get books on the shelves with ease and out to homes faster.
  • Each standard size HPB location has about 7,000 individual shelves that are built to last an average of 25-30 years.
  • Shelves are designed with booklovers in mind. They’re just the right height for most customers to have access to the top without needing assistance.

Sustainable sources and refurbished materials are used to build a better store. For example, the wood for our fixtures is sourced from sustainable tree farms that are planted and harvested in cycles in Texas and Oklahoma. Materials like non-toxic glue, water-based stain, American-made tools and reclaimed-cloth wiping rags are commonly used throughout the work space. Each builder is even supplied with a reusable coffee cup and water bottle, rather than using and throwing away disposable ones throughout the workday.

We’re proud of all the environmentally friendly efforts from our Woodshoppe. Next time you visit your local HPB, be sure to take a moment to appreciate Mother Earth and all the hard work that comes from our talented builders.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Bibliomaniac: The HPB Woodshoppe

  1. It is really cool that HPB puts so much thought and considerstion in the design and making of the store’s shelves and kids furniture. The next time I am in my neighborhood store, I will appreciate the shelves a bit more.

  2. what a great group of skilled craftspeople who enjoy the work they do. can’t get any better than that. my brother and i frequent half price book stores. and i often thought how great it would be to have shelving like they do at half price books in my house. to easily look through my dvds.

    happy earth day to you all and keep up the good work!!

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