#HPBUniversity: Customer College Stories

Let’s face it. College can be tough. Those four years—or more—teach us just as many lessons about survival as they do about our major, and whether it’s late nights at the library or being down to that last pack of ramen, we all come out a little stronger in the end. In the spirit of reminiscing about our days in the dorms, we’ve taken to Facebook to ask about some of your favorite college memories. Check out our favorite responses below!


  • “Don’t sign up for that credit card just to get a free t-shirt.” — Eric B.
  • “You’re going to want to quit a few times. Don’t!” — Anita C. 
  • “Get involved in the clubs for your major/minor. Go to office hours, even if you don’t have a horrible problem. Build a relationship with your professors – you’re going to know them for four or more years and they are generally good people. Plus, they can be super helpful professionally.” — Ken O.
  • “Go to tutor sessions.” — Christopher D. 
  • “You need to do some cardio in the summer beforehand. I was dying walking across campus in the 15 mins I had.” — Myshell R.
  • “Stop trying to make Mom happy. It wont happen.” — Michelle S.
  • “Beware of the freshman 15! Those pounds are a real thing and hard to get rid of!” — Janet K.
  • “Branch out and meet more people in the dorm.” — Shalei B.
  • “You’re going to go through some hard time, but you’ll come through stronger and braver.” — Cassandra S.
  • “Take an intramural sport that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. I had a lot of fun doing sports I wanted to try in high school but just never felt good enough to do.” — Alanna L.


  • “You suddenly remember an hour before class, you need blue books.” — Mindy G.
  • “You have invented dishes out of whatever food you have available, and the condiments in your fridge are mostly single servings from an extra grab at places crazy enough to just leave that stuff out!” — Sonar W.
  • “You are studying way after midnight for tests and drinking loads of coffee just to stay awake.” — Mikayla P.
  • “If you’re in college? LOL.” — Melissa J. 
    “You’ve written a check for less than $1.00 (maybe that was a “you know you’re a college student from the 80s/90s).” — Becky G.
  • “It’s 3am, you have 229 words down, need 1,271 more to go, have a fever, are on your 6th cup of coffee, don’t want to go to sleep because you’re worried you’ll forget what you want to write, and you hate yourself just a little.  Too specific?” — Maria R.


  • “Gift cards to coffee shops and restaurants.” — Lisa V.
  • “Lots of ramen!!”  — Bev S.
  • “Scissors. I’m not kidding, I was the only person on the entire floor of my dorm who had scissors. All these people brought all their new stuff to college but didn’t have any scissors to get things out of the packaging.” — Tabitha D.
  • “Earplugs for a noisy roommate and eye mask!” — Lori R.
  • “Noise cancelling headphones.” — Phil C.
  • “A really good alarm clock.”  — Jordan E.
  • “Quarters.” — Vickie J.
  • “A second phone charger to serve as back up when the first goes MIA.” — Ronald B.
  • “A lockbox.” — Sara B.


  • “We didn’t have a chore chart but rather a “whoever is bothered first does it” rule. She left HALF an ice cube in the tray. I was SO impressed!” — Caitlin C.
  • “I got there first and put up posters on my side. When I came back after grabbing my books I noticed she put up hers. Turns out we went to the same Wicked showing on the same date! It started a very nice conversation that turned into a good friendship!” — Jena L.
  • “When my daughter was in college, a roommate had a small frog in a small tabletop aquarium. It died but no one removed the aquarium so i bought a plastic frog and stuck it in the water, and said nothing. One evening when they had a house meeting, suddenly they were all screaming bkz not only was the frog back but he was about 3 times his original size!!!” — Diana M.
  •  “I had a roommate whose mother sent her a foot tall rubber rat for Halloween that she thought was “so funny” she left it on full display on her desk so everyone could see it when they walked in our room. I would always knock it off the desk while she wasn’t there to see how long she’d go before picking it up. She always picked it up. In full college-roommate-passive-aggressiveness I got increasingly angry at her about the rat. That was 23 years ago and I am legitimately angry right now thinking back on it. LET IT GO, right? I can’t, y’all. I can’t.” — Becky G. 
  • “Convincing my roommate there was a lab to her Human Sexually course and to be prepared to pick lab partners the first day…” — Katheryn H.
  • “My first roommate was a clean freak who had four identical sets of clothes, owned basically that, a gym bag, and his schoolbooks. My second roommate was a nondescript young man who had a newspaper collection which he kept in brown paper bags allover his side of the room, a journalism student who aspired to own at least one copy of every small-town newspaper in the state of Ohio. Imagine the pungent fragrance of hundreds and hundreds of pounds of old newsprint! Takes all types.” — Andrew R.


  • “I kept my AP Style book and most of my Latin American history/Anthropology texts as they were far too interesting to let go of!” — Becky G.
  • “From College…ALL OF THEM, though I wanted to shred my poli-sci books & donate the debris to the cat shelter.” — Shell T.
  • “My friend actually buys and reads textbooks for fun, now. he’s almost 30. Bobby Best what do you have to say for yourself?” — Kevin T.
    •  “I like books.” — Bobby B.
  • “Quantum Mechanics. I earned the right to have that on my shelf.” — Chris B.
  • “I’m a real oldie who graduated from college in the 1960s but I still have The Complete Works of Shakespeare that I used in a year-long seminar on Shakespeare’s works. We read all the plays and sonnets and the book is filled with notes I took as we went through and discussed everything. One of the best classes I ever had (and I wasn’t an English major).” — Mary P.
  • “French book. I drew some wonderful pictures in the book so I had to keep it. 😂” — Laura J.
  • “Web design. I met my husband in that class.” — Casey R.


  • “A cream cheese sandwich.” Sue T.
  • “Mac N Cheese stuffed microwave burrito.” Trey S.
  • “Spaghetti in the coffeepot in my dorm room.” Ruth R.
  • “Ramen cooked in beer.” Stephen J.
  • “Cheetos dipped in a Hershey bar that melted in my car.” Laura H.
  • “Didn’t have bread so i made a sandwich with two leftover pancakes.” Jennifer T.
  • “Minute Rice with spaghetti sauce and canned mushrooms and then cheese on top.” Jenny C.
  • “Toast with baked beans on top.” Nancy A.
  • ““In college” I made a quesadilla with chopped up chicken nuggets and slices of American cheese. It was terrible.” Natalie B.
  • “Some bizarre concoction of pasta, oatmeal, and ground beef.” Monica T.
  • “I had a roommate who made sugar sandwiches – white bread spread with butter and liberally covered with sugar. Fold in half and eat.” Beverly H.
  • “My sister and I had a lot of white rice and ranch style beans, BUT – our pride and joy was the invention of Ballpark Casserole, which was all the contents of a chili dog (buns, weiners, cheese, chili, onions) sliced and placed in a casserole dish to bake then topped with mustard. Eaten with a fork and gulped down with cheap beer. COLLEGE!” Becky G.
  •  ” I was on a diet and a budget, so I would cook some frozen peas, put them in a tortilla, and call it dinner 😂.” Jenny W. 

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