Totally Random Lists 2019: Playing Hardball

Editor’s Note: This year our Half Price Books calendar once again features books, movies and music grouped together in weird, unexpected ways. You might even call them Totally Random Lists, which is what we did because, well, we had to put something on the front cover. We like the lists so much, we’ll be sharing them on this blog throughout the year.

If you’re a sports fan, it’s not enough just to play sports or watch sports. You also want to read about people playing sports. You want to see movies about people playing sports. You want to hear vaguely sports-related music. In other words, you want to check out the list below.

hardball productsBOOKS
Shoeless Joe, W.P. Kinsella
On Boxing, Joyce Carol Oates
The Natural, Bernard Malamud
Semi-Tough, Dan Jenkins
Wait Till Next Year, Doris Kearns Goodwin
Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby

White Men Can’t Jump
Bend it Like Beckham
Friday Night Lights
He Got Game
Raging Bull

Sports, Huey Lewis & The News
Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
Chariots of Fire, Vangelis
Centerfield, John Fogerty
Touchdown, Bob James
Baseball: a Film by Ken Burns, Original Soundtrack Recording

Want more? This list goes into overtime

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