The Kids are Alright: Teen Picks for Teen Read Week

As part of our Feed Your Brain summer reading program this year, a group of book loving teens read books, wrote a short review and earned a reward to use at their local Half Price Books! Are you looking for a new read? Check out what our teen booklovers nationwide had to say about the best books they read this summer!

Harry Potter

This book is a must read for all teens. It was so whimsical and adventurous. I could not put it down. J.K Rowling is a literary genius. – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Riley H.)

Ignite the Stars

This was a thrilling fast paced sci-fi piece that kept me on my toes until the very end! It was captivating and kept you entertained; wonder. – Ignite the Stars (Genavie C.)

The Wicked King
The previous book, The Cruel Prince, had me hooked and the second book of the series did not disappoint. – The Wicked King (Shivani R.)

Sanderson does it again. Captures my heart with his great characters and an amazing setting in outer space. Can’t wait for the sequel. – Skyward (Jasmin R.)

I really loved reading this book, Gaiman creates a wonderful world for readers to explore. – Stardust (Jen M.)


Finale; a fitting name for the epic conclusion to the Caraval trilogy. Witty and whimsical, romantic and mysterious, a satisfying conclusion. Finale (Josephine B.)

Brightly Burning
Alexa Donne provides a fun, flirty, and fresh and futuristic take on the classic Jane Eyre. Including mystery and romance, it’s a must-read. – Brightly Burning (Noelle N.)

The Lonliest Girl in the Universe
The Loneliest Girl in the Universe was a thought provoking, mysterious read that keeps the reader enthralled to the very last word. – The Loneliest Girl in the Universe (Milan E.)


LIFEL1K3 is a great dystopia about robots and a girl finding out her past and who she really is. – LIFEL1K3 (Sam O.)

EragonEragon made me feel like I’m riding on a dragon through the sky on a wonderful adventure in reading and discovering tales of the world. – Eragon (Robbie V.)

Heart of Iron
Fly away on a journey with rouge space captains, a girl with no past and a metal whose glitches may be the answer to everything. – Heart of Iron (Mya H.)

AlliedThis conclusion to the series was just as good as the first two; it was filled with magic, suspense, alliances and twists. An epic fantasy. – Allied (Rachel K.)

StarworldStarworld is a beautiful, heart-touching, realistic fiction book that shows how people shouldn’t judge others by the outside. – Starworld (Sam O.)

ZenithI enjoyed this book a lot! I liked the small-sized crew of girls because it allowed me to learn the names and like them. Would recommend! – Zenith (Josie L.)


We hope you enjoyed these teen reviews! Let us know in the comments if you’ll be adding any of these books to your fall reading list, and stop by your local Half Price Books or shop to find your next great read!

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