12 Humbugs for the Holidays

9781509825448_4c379As someone who loves to celebrate strange, but wonderful holidays, I was excited to come across a “holiday” dedicated to making you feel better by allowing you to voice your frustrations about the Holiday season. That’s right. December 21st is Humbug Day, when you can have 12 humbugs to vent your holiday frustrations.

The creators of this holiday also encourage the reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to learn more about the man that inspired this day, Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. Of course, Scrooge only says “Humbug” nine times in the book, and only two of them include the interjection “Bah!” Still, if we’re given 12 humbugs on Humbug Day, I say we take them. So here are my 12 Humbugs for the Holidays.

Humbug 1—The décor that goes on sale before Halloween.

Humbug 2—The lights on your neighbor’s house that seem a bit extreme.

Humbug 3—The gift you need that will never be on sale.

Humbug 4—Obligatory office parties which never turn out well.

Humbug 5—Wrapping gifts last minute and running out of tape.

Humbug 6—Eating so much you get a tummy ache.

Humbug 7—Travel prices that triple overnight.

Humbug 8—Family get togethers that end in a fight.

Humbug 9—One hundred versions of The Little Drummer Boy.

Humbug 10—Searching for this years have-to-have-it toy.

Humbug 11—Untangling the Christmas lights to put on the tree.

Humbug 12—Cold and snowy weather that always makes me freeze.


Celebrate Humbug Day and let us know what your humbugs in the comments below. Also don’t forget to pick up a copy of A Christmas Carol at your local Half Price Books or HPB.com.

Season’s Readings…I mean, Bah! Humbug!



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