2019 Million Book Donation Project Wrap-Up

At Half Price Books, we know the importance of reading in everyone’s lives. That’s why we’ve always made book donations a priority since we were founded back in 1972. As our co-founder Ken Gjemre once said, “Books should fill our lives, not our land.”

So we’ve taken great pleasure in continuing our Million Book Donation Project in 2019 – we are pleased to announce we’ve donated…

1,000,557 books!

We’re so glad to have gotten these books into the hands of people who need them, and we want to thank the many wonderful non-profit organizations and teachers who have helped distribute these books to readers around the country and the world!

Take a look at some of our donation highlights from 2019.

Need books for your classroom or non-profit organization? Ask one of the friendly bibliomaniacs at your local HPB or submit a Donation Request.

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