Blind Date with a Book

Some people ask, “Why bother with first dates? Why deal with the agonizing micro-decisions of just how much to reveal of yourself, scheduling the back-up emergency call in case the date goes poorly or the horrible awkward argument over who should pay for what?” Well, whether you’re a romantic who’s willing to put themselves out there or you’re hardcore not feeling it, books are always here for you to fall back on. Most times, you know what you’re getting with a book. We encourage you to enjoy some spontaneity in honor of the season of romance by taking a chance on these blind dates with great books!

HPB-F6ISO: Someone who’s looking for change!

Stuck in a rut? Looking for something to inspire you? Look no further! Find small changes that lead to big changes in this inspiring book that will revolutionize how you think about human behavior. No longer will you insist that change is hard, that change is all about willpower or that you have to stick to a plan. Looking for an uplifting way to change your life? Have a blind date with this charming fellow who will focus on your successes instead of your failures.


HPB-M1ISO: Someone who loves to cook!

Looking for something that features exquisite recipes? Want that little extra spice in your book relationship? Check out this gorgeous book, which features delicious recipes that are simultaneously healthy! Find something to suit every taste in this book that includes delicious variations to accommodate everyone. If you’re looking for the healthy and wholesome, that “I’ll be there for you every night of the week” factor then we have got the book for you.



HPB-F1ISO: Someone who’s looking for an adventure!

This classic tale is for the young and the young-at-heart. It’s full of adventure, love and inconceivable humor. Are you a fan of crazy cliffs? Interested in swordplay, battles of strength and wits? Looking for the greatest love story ever told? You have all of that and more in this timeless classic that will make you fall in love again and again.



HPB-F5ISO: Someone who’s into all the same weird interests!

If you’re a fan of true crime or of historical non-fiction told in a novelistic style, this book is everything you could ever want. Enjoy your blind date with a book that refuses to compromise in the fascinating exploration of the horrific crimes committed during the 1893 World’s Fair. Yes, it will share with you the gory details you desperately want to know from the safety of your couch. This rich narrative will keep you up all night, in a dark obsession that will mirror the story itself. This book brings to life the horrific disparity and beautiful mystery of the Gilded Age. Embrace it, and your new addiction to its fantastic author.



HPB-M4ISO: Someone who gets the blood flowing!

Action packed. Tense. Riveting. If these words catch your attention, this book is meant for you! Take this book on a blind date you can’t leave, because there’s no putting it down. This book is the adrenaline junkie’s dream— your heart will be pumping and the excess adrenaline will keep you up hours past your desired bedtime. If you’re looking for the boring and conventional, then you’ve found the kind of book that will wreck everything you thought you wanted.



HPB-F2ISO: Someone who’s in it for the long haul!

This palate cleanser of a book is the perfect find for those who want to witness the beauty of life. This book is as relatable as you need it to be, and you’re sure to understand the challenges that these characters face. If you’re looking for a sense of solidarity and sisterhood, or a sense of vulnerability that encourages you to examine the pain, beauty and joy of your own life, you’ll discover this and more in this book. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll fall in love with this beautifully descriptive book!



We hope some of these books pique your interest or make you consider opening that closed-off heart one more time. Have faith in your own sense of which books are worth reading and enjoy and let us know how your blind dates with a book turnout!

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