New Releases To Keep You Entertained This Week

Now that there seems to be a bit more space on everyone’s schedule, there’s no better time to read a good book. Check out these great reads based on recommendations from the Half Price Books Bestseller Buyer! They run the gamut from creepy and mysterious to outright heart stopping, and you can get all of them online at or via curbside pickup at your local HPB store*!

*Curbside pickup locations vary.



The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

From the author of the bestselling phenomenon, Station Eleven, comes a new novel, The Glass Hotel, which features such drama-heavy twists as the fallout of the demise of a Ponzi scheme and the disappearance of a woman on a ship at sea. The one thing that is certainly true of both novels is that author Emily St. John Mandel’s writing evokes such an eerily beautiful atmosphere – more than in any other book I’ve ever read. It’s like the settings of the stories are vivid characters themselves. The writing is hauntingly beautiful and the story is chilling. I’d highly recommend this book to fellow lovers of Station Eleven or literary fiction.

For a copy of The Glass Hotel or Station Eleven, please call your local store and one of our booksellers can either ship it to your house or have it ready for curbside pickup. You can also find it online HERE!



The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home: A Welcome to Night Vale Novel by Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor

Looking for a fun, creepy story about a faceless old woman? If so, the third book in the Welcome to Night Vale series is just for you. Set in the fictitious city of Night Vale, this new novel tells the story of how the Faceless Old Woman came to be in everyone’s homes. It’s being described as a cross between The Haunting of Hill House and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Copies signed by the authors are available ONLY by calling the store and arranging for them to be shipped to your home or prepared for curbside pickup. Non-signed copies are available online HERE!



Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

This new dark thriller is being compared to My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing. It focuses on Patty Watts, a mother who is suffering from Munchausen’s By Proxy syndrome and the victim of her abuse— her daughter. After serving a five-year prison term as punishment for the abuse, Patty’s daughter ends up taking her back in, using the opportunity to exact revenge. While I haven’t read this one yet, it’s been getting fantastic reviews! It sounds like it would be a great one to binge read in a single day.

Please call your local store to arrange for curbside pickup of Darling Rose Gold or My Lovely Wife. You can also find copies of Darling Rose Gold online HERE.



The Gone Dead by Chanelle Benz

Get ready to be swept away to the deep Mississippi Delta in this debut novel from Chanelle Benz. Billie doesn’t remember being there when her father died, but after she returns to his home she starts to uncover secrets lying deep in the Delta about her father and that particularly traumatic day. Benz also creates an amazing atmosphere in this book, although a very different one than Emily St. John Mandel creates in The Glass Hotel. The mystery in this book is more of a slow-burn, a delicious one that is to be relished instead of binged.

Please call your local store to arrange for curbside pickup of The Gone Dead. You can also find copies of it online HERE.

There you have it, a quick list of new releases to keep you company while you are at home! Check back soon for a new list of books to read, handpicked by our HPB Bestseller Buyer. And remember, you can always find great reads curbside at your local store or online at!

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