Half Price Books Presents- A Q&A with Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Divergent series, the Carve the Mark duology, The End and Other Beginnings collection of short fiction as well as many short stories and essays. Her latest novel, The Chosen Ones is set fifteen years after five ordinary teenagers were singled out by a prophecy to take down an impossibly powerful entity wreaking havoc across North America. After the Dark One fell, the world went back to normal . . . for everyone but them. After all, what do you do when you’re the most famous people on Earth, your only education was in magical destruction, and your purpose in life is now fulfilled?

Half Price Books had originally planned to host Veronica Roth for an author event in conjunction with the release of this incredible new book, but unfortunately had to cancel due to the coronavirus. However, we are so grateful that she took the time to answer some of the burning questions that fans sent in.

Meet Veronica Roth

I finished writing my book not so long ago, and I’m confused between choosing traditional or self-publishing, which is better and how would I know which suits me more?

What made you want to write about what happens to characters after their happily-ever-after?

What are you working on next?

What is your favorite book you have written?

How long does it take you to write a book?

Favorite character to write in The Chosen Ones?

Have you ever hit a creative block? How did you get through it?

Once again, we would like to thank Veronica Roth for taking the time to answer some of your questions! You can get your copy of The Chosen Ones or any of Roth’s other books online at HPB.com or by calling your local store!

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