20 Books and Movies for Fans of Manga and Anime

Half Price Books recently launched reviews on HPB.com and we have loved seeing everything our bibliomaniacs are reading and reviewing! Check out some of the manga and anime your fellow booklovers are enjoying now.

Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Collection 2

“I first saw the anime for this series before reading the manga, there is more back story in these and you learn a lot more about the characters then what was in the anime. No real surprise there but the story does really get you thinking about some of the sides of the world most people choose not to see. I highly recommend the manga series.”



Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You,

Vol. 1: From Me To You
“Kimi Ni Todoke is an award-winning manga series that spans 30 volumes. Do not let its length discourage you. It is an endearing series about acceptance. I highly recommend this series to manga readers that enjoy a realistic story focusing on relationships and dreams. The characters are the best part of the series–anyone can identify them. I have read the series multiple times; it never gets old. Treat yourself to a longer reading experience and binge on the shojo manga staple, Kimi Ni Todoke!”

Inuyasha 1

“Rumiko Takahashi is very good at storytelling and it shows in this. The art is good and the characters are likable. Overall, I recommend this and I recommend the anime too! Watch and read other mangas and animes by Rumiko Takahashi if you have the chance!”



Fruits Basket 1

An uplifting, heartwarming manga
“Fruits Basket is a great manga about finding your place in the world. It deals with themes such as grief, forgiveness, love, and self-love. The story follows Tohru Honda as she navigates high school, dealing with the loss of her mother, and meeting the mysterious Sohma family. She is a courageous, optimistic, and empathetic character.”


Endless Comfort: Yaoi

A Dramatic One-Shot Manga to Add to Your Collection
“Not all one-shot manga volumes are created equally, particularly in terms of art and storytelling. Thankfully, this yaoi manga volume is definitely worth adding to your collection! I heartily recommend this volume to any veteran fan of yaoi manga, especially those that enjoy a more dramatic and complex plot.”


Claymore 13: The Defiant Ones

My favorite Manga
“Claymore is a great story, full of great characters. Now, before reading this manga, you have to be clear about what you are going to read. I have read other reviews, arguing that the story ends up leaving many details incomplete. However, you must understand that the story told here is the story of Clare and her mission. All the other details that although are really enjoyable and interesting, are there just to give us context. I 100% recommend reading the story.”


Vagabond 1: Invincible Under the Sun Vizbig Edition

Incredible story about anger, self-worth, and the meaning of existence. Something that is beautiful to look at as well as think about after the fact.
“This manga is one of the greatest stories about anger, self-worth, reflection, honor, and the meaning of existence.”



Black Bird 1

Binge Read this Shojo Manga
“Get ready to binge read with this 18-volume series! The story centers on Misao, who seems like an average high school girl, but she is prophesied to be a powerful energy source for demons. As a result, Kyo, her childhood best friend and tengu ruler, stakes his claim to be her future husband, so that he can bring prosperity to his tengu clan of warriors. The story includes a good mix of drama, comedy, romance, and adventure. It is a must read for someone that likes romantic fantasy stories.”


One Piece 1: East Blue 1 2 3 Omnibus

Just as good as the Anime!
“If you’re a fan of the anime, you will LOVE the manga! Can’t recommend it enough. Gives more depth to characters as well as beautiful illustrations and writing. “


Attack On Titan Season 1 Manga Set

Great find.
“I wanted to start this series for a while, then I found this set at HPB in OKC. I was excited that it was in pretty good shape for a low cost and I’ve enjoyed the story so far. “


Now Loading…!

Cute and Lovely!
“I love this manga a lot! It’s incredibly sweet and makes me very happy. The art is cute and I love the relationship between all the characters. This manga is what encouraged me to read more yuri manga, and now I love this genre!”


Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 1

The most important thing to know is that the Host Club is the main focus of the book.
“I think this book is amazing. I would recommend this to everyone.”


Ghost In The Shell

Best of cyberpunk
“Very entertaining manga with beautiful illustrations. Great for any cyberpunk fans!”


Chrono Crusade 8

“I love this anime and the manga. This was one of my first anime’s to watch. If you were looking for a starter manga, this is a good one only 8 books so it won’t take long to collect.”


Death Note 1: Boredome

Perfect Companion to the Anime
“If you’re a fan of the anime, do yourself a favor and READ THE MANGA! I’m not just saying this to get people to spend their money. It’s worth every penny. The manga is even more intricate and thrilling than the anime. Hard to imagine but true! We still get most if not all of our favorite scenes/interactions with Light and L, but it’s so much more cerebral. The more you read this manga the more you get out of it, so definitely invest your time and energy into this brilliant thriller!”



My Hero Academia, Vol. 1, Volume 1
A modern superhero tale in the classic ‘shonen’ format

“My Hero Academia is the story of a version of our world where people are born with Quirks – superpowers that can range from making a pencil float to shooting explosions out of their hands. It follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born “Quirkless”, but regardless of this he wants nothing more than to grow up and be like the number one hero in the world, All Might. Kohei Horikoshi takes the modern popularity of the superhero world and aptly puts it in the “shonen” (obstacle) jump format – a popular format of manga storytelling. My Hero Academia is a must-read for any fan of the manga superhero or shonen genre. ”


Berserk 2

“It truly one of the best manga ever written, the art is perfect, the plot is perfect and the world created by the author has a unique and intriguing lore. The story contains one of the greatest character development ever written.”



He’s My Only Vampire 1

The Best from Aya Shouoto
“Compared to Shouoto’s other series, He’s My Only Vampire is my absolute favorite. The story is highly original compared to other vampire series. You will rush to read all ten volumes. It’s a great series to binge. The art is also phenomenal. It’s incredibly whimsical and detailed. Above all, I continue to reread this series because the relationship between Kana and Aki is complex and interesting. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys vampire stories or shojo manga.”


Food Wars! 1

Addicted to food wars
“If you like cooking competitions try giving it the spice of manga and it gets ten times better. Probably the best manga ever, and you get food recipes that are pretty good! I own all the English releases and you should too.”

Want to see even more suggestions? Check out the list, and don’t forget to leave reviews for the books you love on HPB.com.

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