How to Write a Review for

Did you know you can now leave reviews on your favorite products on Read on to learn how!

1. Read a book

2. Go to and find the title you read

3. Click the “Write a Review” link

4. Make sure to include the #ResolveToRead Hashtag

That’s all there is to it, happy reviewing!

4 thoughts on “How to Write a Review for

  1. My review is about the store at the location of Westhiermer and Montrose. I have been a customer of Half Price Books since the store was on Waugh Drive and Hyde Park that has been over 30 years. I have brought my children to this store many times over the years and I was hoping to bring my grandchildren there too. But the store will nolonger be in the community. I was one of my best memories walking into that store researching things and teaching my children hoe to read and how to look for what ever they wanted.
    Thank you for all of the years of fun and pleasure.

  2. I love shopping online with Half Price Books. The ordering process was very simple. I received my order in a timely manner. The items that I ordered were in excellent condition. Great job Hpb!!

  3. My review is about a Half Price Books location on Lamar, which is where I recently acquired three vintage records. I have been a customer of several HPB stores in Austin for many years. I first came to Austin with the USAF in 1975 to fly the RF-4C tactical reconnaissance aircraft. I am a collector of aviation “stuff”…non-fiction books (750+), board games (30+), jigsaw puzzles (about 75) and 33-1/3 vinyl records [with aviation depicted on the cover] (about 180)…all items, which are found at HPB. The three vinyls I acquired were: “Prime Time”…Don McLean (1977), “Writers in Disguise”…Pinkard & Bowden (1984) and “Sobrecargo” [Hispanic] (1972). My favorite HPB store is the flagship (corporate HQ) on Northwest Highway. It is one of the best “book” stores in the world…well worth the stop while you are in Dallas. HPB is a great place to browse, buy and collect aviation “stuff”.

  4. One of my children was the first one to introduce me to Half Price Books (The Ditch store In Indianapolis). I was amazed. That was in the late 1990s. Twenty plus years later, all of my children have shopped and/or shop at Half Price Stores and I have had the enjoyment of introducing our nine grandchildren to HPB. The one thing that makes me the happiest is shopping at Half Price Books, especially during the holidays and the days leading up to birthdays, and buying gifts that I know will be appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed. My saving money is also a wonderful thing.

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