Introducing: New HPB Exclusive Woodshoppe Items!

Established in 1984, the Half Price Books Woodshoppe’s work goes far beyond the store bookshelves that hold your next read. Not only do our beloved builders bring the kids’ section of your local Half Price Books to life with adorable themes, but they also produce every practical woodworked item in the stores, from desks to chairs and other fixtures.

That’s right, our Woodshoppe employees are practically superheroes. And now they’re using their mastery of all things lumber to craft cool items for you to take home.

As part of our HPB Exclusive line, The Woodshoppe presents an awesome assortment of handcrafted items designed to help booklovers who are looking to organize their homes or have a good time during game night.

The Crate

This Half Price books exclusive crate is durable, functional and attractive. Expertly crafted from repurposed wood, The Crate comes in two sizes – small and large – which makes them  perfect gift options for collectors of rare action figures and rock n’ roll LPs alike!

The Book Stand

Looking for a sleek display for your favorite reads? Look no further. The Book Stand features an acrylic shield as well as pine and plywood sourced from local lumber suppliers, perfect for your favorite chef to use whilecooking their favorite recipes. Speaking of recipes, The Woodshoppe used their very own beeswax to create this piece and they were gracious enough to offer up the recipe for a crafty booklovers to use on their own projects!

The Kubb

The Woodshoppe also crafted this popular yard tossing game from pine and plywood sourced from local lumber suppliers. The set comes with everything you need to prove your team is the best when it comes to “Viking chess.” New to playing Kubb?

That’s the scoop on what’s new from the HPB Woodshoppe! Learn more about our builders and the amazing work they do to give your favorite neighborhood bookstore that familiar feeling here. Before you go, inquiring minds want to know in the comment section below, what are you looking forward to getting (or gifting) from the collection? 

4 thoughts on “Introducing: New HPB Exclusive Woodshoppe Items!

  1. The record crate I am so excited about! I have been growing my collection for about 5 years now and can’t wait to see them displayed in these.

  2. I have been looking for bins or bins-on-shelves units that are made to hold DVDS. We have a large collection, and most bins are either too big (which wastes space) or too small. I think that is something that would sell. We have several hundred DVDs and I know there are people who have more.

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