Blind Date with a Book

Some people ask, “Why bother with first dates? Why deal with the agonizing micro-decisions of just how much to reveal of yourself, scheduling the back-up emergency call in case the date goes poorly or the horrible awkward argument over who should pay for what?” Well, whether you’re a romantic who’s willing to put themselves out there or you’re hardcore not feeling it, books are always here for you to fall back on. Most times, you know what you’re getting with a book. We encourage you to enjoy some spontaneity in honor of the season of romance by taking a chance on these blind dates with great books!

HPB-F6ISO: Someone who’s looking for change!

Stuck in a rut? Looking for something to inspire you? Look no further! Find small changes that lead to big changes in this inspiring book that will revolutionize how you think about human behavior. No longer will you insist that change is hard, that change is all about willpower or that you have to stick to a plan. Looking for an uplifting way to change your life? Have a blind date with this charming fellow who will focus on your successes instead of your failures.


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Meet the Teachers: Highlighting Educators in the Community

Educators hold a special place in our hearts at Half Price Books. Earlier this year, we introduced you to a pair of teachers who are true HPB booklovers. Adriana and Jeffery Sifford visited every HPB in the Houston, TX area (there are nine for anyone who’s counting) in a single day and tweeted about their adventure along the way. In this Q&A, we get to know Adriana and Jeff, and discover more about their choice to pursue a career in education.

Why did you become an educator?
Adriana – When I was a reporter, I covered education and I loved going to teachers’ classrooms and watching them teach. Students were engaged, teachers were having fun. I watched how students were learning from the teachers, and I always wanted to be a part of that.
Jeffrey – This may sound so cliché, but to make a difference. I always enjoyed learning and that’s something I wanted to pass on.


What do teachers do when their kids are at lunch? Take selfies in the classroom! Looking good, Adriana.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
Adriana – My favorite teacher was Ms. Martinez. She was my 9th grade English teacher. She was nice, patient and was there for us when we needed her. She was also my debate coach. She made learning fun!
Jeffrey – My favorite teacher was my 4th grade English teacher, Mrs. Zaskoda. She made reading come alive and I looked forward to going to her class every day. Continue reading