BW the Olympian Bookworm

Because reading a lot of books totally translates to mad athletic skills:











Major shout-out to Stephen Danby, Customer Service Representative, for being a CHAMP in triple-digit heat 🙂 USA! USA! Who’s excited?

— Kristen D.  

BW’s Summer Reading Tips

Hi, Kids! My name is Kate and I am the official correspondent for BW, our Half Price Books Bookworm! A few things you should know about BW:  

Birthday: July 27, 1972

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas

Height: 6 feet 9 inches

Features: Bright green body with the alphabet written down his sides, yellow freckles, red antennae, and big wobbly eyes.

Scent: Musty, Bookshelfy

Greatest Moment: Visiting Washington, D.C. for the White House Easter Egg Roll

Hobbies: Reading, teaching others how to read, and making new friends

BW loves the summer because he gets to help kids with their Summer Reading! Here are a couple ways kids can be sure to keep their reading skills sharp for when school starts again: 

1. The HPB “Feed Your Brain” Summer Reading Program is a fun way to get started. If kids read 600 minutes or more by August 7, they will receive $5 Back-to-School Bucks as a reward! there’s also a Top Reader prize up for grabs, a $20 HPB Gift Card! Click here to learn more. [Download a Feed Your Brain Reading Log] 

2. Create your own family reading goals this summer, and give rewards to your kiddos to keep them motivated. Help your kids select books to read with these reading suggestions and post a reading log on the fridge to chart their progress. [Download Reading Suggestions] [Download Reading Log]

3. Think of fun, creative family rewards. Here are some ideas:

 • Take a trip to the zoo or amusement park.

  • Camp out in the backyard with family or friends.

 • Have a special lunch at your favorite pizza place.

 • Take a trip to your favorite bookstore.

 • Present reading reward certificates. [Download Certificate]

Happy Reading! BW is off to spread his love & excitement for reading around America — so we’ll see you next time!

Sincerely, Kate & BW