Book Recs from and for Kids Pre-K and Up!

Hey Booklovers, did you know Half Price Books now has reviews on our website? You can leave your thoughts on books, movies and music to help other shoppers choose their next great read, watch or listen!

Check out a few recommendations with rave reviews for young readers from preschool to high school below. Whether you want the best picture book for your kiddo’s age group or the perfect summer read for your teen, your fellow booklovers have the books for you!



1. The Book with No Pictures

“This book is just the most fun to read aloud to children. They will laugh at every page and be reciting it all the time. Just a great story overall and a fun #summerreading story.” Continue reading

20 Books and Movies for Fans of Manga and Anime

Half Price Books recently launched reviews on and we have loved seeing everything our bibliomaniacs are reading and reviewing! Check out some of the manga and anime your fellow booklovers are enjoying now.

Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Collection 2

“I first saw the anime for this series before reading the manga, there is more back story in these and you learn a lot more about the characters then what was in the anime. No real surprise there but the story does really get you thinking about some of the sides of the world most people choose not to see. I highly recommend the manga series.”



Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You,

Vol. 1: From Me To You
“Kimi Ni Todoke is an award-winning manga series that spans 30 volumes. Do not let its length discourage you. It is an endearing series about acceptance. I highly recommend this series to manga readers that enjoy a realistic story focusing on relationships and dreams. The characters are the best part of the series–anyone can identify them. I have read the series multiple times; it never gets old. Treat yourself to a longer reading experience and binge on the shojo manga staple, Kimi Ni Todoke!”

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We are all dealing with the current global pandemic in different ways. Whether you are looking for books about pandemics or diseases to get more details, or you are seeking novels to help escape our current reality, Half Price Books has you covered. We recently launched Reviews on our website and customers have been sharing their thoughts on their current quarantine reads. Check out some of the books that our customers have been reading during their quarantine!

Books Customers Recommended to Relax and Escape Reality:

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto
“I keep giving my copy away! Mesmerizing! The value of goodness, gratitude & love captured my water. Perfect read for Covid-19 isolation.”

9780743289801_ed208 Continue reading


Half Price Books recently launched Reviews on our website, where customers can leave their thoughts on books, movies and music to help other shoppers choose their next great read, watch or listen. We are happy to report that we have received thousands of reviews from people just like you! Overall, the responses have made us laugh, cry and definitely want to sink our teeth into some fantastic books, movies and music. Below we’ve compiled a list of 12 books that have earned five star ratings from our customers, making them the ever-coveted “Must Read”!

World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War  by Max Brooks


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