Anticipating James Bond’s Skyfall: 8 Things You May Not Have Known about Bond Girls

No one is anticipating the newest James Bond film, Skyfall, more than me. The first Bond film came out five years before I was born, so I have been watching James Bond my whole life. I know the films are formulaic, but the formula works: action, exotic locations, and of course, the Bond Girls. But Bond girls are more than a pretty face. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Bond girls that you may not have known.

Did you know…? Ursula Andress won a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year in 1962 for her role in Dr. No. She is also the “quintessential” Bond girl and has become an American icon; she is most memorable for coming out of the water onto the beach in her white bikini while singing Underneath the Mango Tree. She also played the role of Vesper Lynd in the James Bond spoof film, Casino Royale in 1967.

Did you know…? that Cassandra Harris, who played Countess Lisl Von Schlaf in the For Your Eyes Only with Roger Moore, went on to marry a yet-to-be James Bond, Pierce Brosnan.

Did you know…? Eunice Gayson was the first bond girl to appear twice. She played Bond’s love interest, Sylvia Trench, and was scheduled to appear in the first 6 Bond movies, but the idea was scrapped after she appeared in Dr. No and From Russia with Love. The character of Sylvia Trench can be credited with giving the cinematic Bond his most iconic catchphrase; at the Chemin table, when Bond asks her name, she replies: “Trench, Sylvia Trench” and when she asks Bond his, he replies in the now-familiar style, mimicking Trench’s own cadence.

Did you know…? that Daniela Bianch, who played Tatiana Romanova, had such a thick italian accent that her voice was dubbed over in the film From Russia With Love.

Did you know…? that Barbara Bach, who played Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me is married to Beatle Ringo Starr.

Did you know…? that Maud Adams was the first to play two different bond girls — the villain’s girlfriend, Andrea Anders, in The Man with the Golden Gun, and she also played the title role of Octopussy. And a little side note: she is in the background in A View to a Kill.

Did you know…? that Halle Berry is the first Bond girl to have won an Oscar, although it was for her role in Monster’s Ball. (OK, Kim Basinger also has won an Oscar for those of you who want to consider Never Say Never Again as one of the official Bond movies.)

Did you know…? Skyfall actress Naomie Harris plays Eve Moneypenny, a regular Bond character throughout the years. Though she does not appear in 2006’s Casino Royale (the first Bond film in which she doesn’t appear), a reference arises in a scene between Bond and Vesper Lynd. In the scene, Vesper appears for the first time introducing herself with “I’m the money” (referring to her role as a Treasury accountant), to which Bond replies, while looking her over, “Every penny of it.” You might remember Naomie from The Pirates of the Caribbean; she plays Calypso.

Enjoy Skyfall this weekend. And remember, no talking or texting during the feature film. (Especially this one.)

Jim is Art Director at Half Price Books Corporate.