Have Books, Will Travel- Autumn In New York

Can you feel it? Pumpkin Spice is in the air, fellow booklovers!

‘Tis the season for cozying up on the couch with a few of your favorites and leaving the text messages unread. You’ve got pages to flip and you will not be bothered!

As temperatures taper off to more reasonable degrees, bookworms far and wide pack up their beloved beach reads and begin the search for stories that leave them with that warm feeling. Autumn has arrived, and rumor has it that when you’re in New York City, no season can compare. In this edition of Have Books, Will Travel, we take a look at a few good books set in the Big Apple. Continue reading

Beyond Kind of Blue: Dig deeper into Miles Davis

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Miles Ahead, the long-awaited biographical film about Miles Davis, opens in New York and LA on April 1 and nationwide later in the month. Don Cheadle directed and stars as the influential jazz trumpeter.

Regardless of whether the movie is a critical or commercial success, its release is already bringing fresh attention to an artist who clearly still has the ability to fascinate and frustrate us 25 years after his death.

Miles’ music still sells, especially the 1959 album Kind of Blue, often called “the one jazz record everyone must own.” The sound of his muted trumpet is embedded in our collective consciousness as epitomizing a certain mid-century brand of cool.

Davis’ best music is accessible because, above all, it is reflective of his humanity. He doesn’t care about showing off his technique; he shows you himself. It’s his personality, not his virtuosity, that comes through in every note.

Miles is also inspiring to artists of all kinds because of his refusal to rest on his laurels. He reinvented himself and his music every few years, even at the risk of alienating fans. Consider that one guy did all of this: Continue reading