Celebrate Sister’s Day! Top Six Sisters of Young Adult Literature

Have you ever hated someone with every last shred of your being, and then two hours later giggled with her until you both fell on the floor laughing? Have you ever simultaneously felt extreme jealousy, utter exasperation, fierce protectiveness, and undying allegiance toward one person? Yes? Let me guess: you have a sister. No matter how much sisters may argue and clash as kids, there are few people who will ever know as much about you or understand as completely where you’re coming from (literally) as a sister, and when you look back in life it’s hard to deny the extreme fortune of growing up with those built-in best friends. Let’s celebrate the inimitable sister-sister relationship by looking at our picks for the top six sisters of Young Adult Literature:




 (1) Laura, Mary, & Carrie Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) (2) Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy March (Little Women) (3) Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield (Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High Series) (4) Beezus & Ramona Quimby (Beezus & Ramona) (5) Katniss & Prim Everdeen (The Hunger Games) (6) Kristy Thomas & Karen Brewer (The Baby-Sitters Club & Baby-Sitters Little Sister Series)

Of course, there are hundreds of other examples of sisters in literature (especially when you open it up to the brother-sister dynamic), and then there are those real-life sisters who actually created literature – such as English novelists Charlotte, Emily, & Ann Brontë, and the abolitionist Grimke sisters. Every sister (real or fictional) has her own story to tell about what it means to fill that special role.

Who are your favorite sisters of literature (YA or otherwise)? Jane Austen’s 5 Bennet sisters? William Shakespeare’s Katherine and Bianca? Eleanor Brown’s Weird Sisters? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Sister’s Day (August 5) to all those sisters out there!

— Kate